I was on my bike thinking that if something happened to me, what would I want my kids to know? Then this came to me so I'm letting it out.

Don't tell him I went to heaven
There's just no way he can reach me there
Tell him I went everywhere

I am the moon I am the sun
I am everything, everyone
I am everywhere

All you have to do
Is know I am part of you
and I am everywhere

I am a smile on a face
I am a cool breeze on a sunny day
I am everywhere

I am a note, I am a symphony
You are perfect and will always be
We are everywhere

We'll meet in the spaces of life
Float on the drifts of a silent night
Sail along the dawn to everywhere

When you forget what my voice sounds like
I was never my voice
When you forget the things I told you
I was never my words
You will never forget how I made you feel
Feel me everywhere

I was with you, I am with you, I am everywhere

Song Version - G, G Waterfall, C
If something should happen
It'll be alright, alright

There are no guarantees
enjoy what you see
and live YOUR life

I hope you think of me
and when you do
you don't cry

Don't tell him I went
to heaven
I went