New Blues Song "Love on the Shore"

7/5 SUMMARY:  Chorus is down w/basic chords though I want to throw in some guitar embellishments here.

Chords: F# on second string then B on first string 7th fret, then back to F# and B on first two frets.

I don't want to surf no more
Now you gone walking
I don't want to jam no more
Don't feel like talking, no
Sleep till I see the snow

6/30 SUMMARY: Nailed down key of F#.  I listened to the melody of the lyrics I had on my phone and tried to imagine what the V would sound like in the 12 bar blues scale.  Then I did the math back to the key.  I had help from Taviano my 8 mo old son who rocked out with me.  We have been teaching him ASL and when I asked him if he wanted to hear more singing, he crawled up to me and tapped my lips with his hands.  He approves!

6/16 SUMMARY: Inspired by the blues lately.  Lyrics complete.  This song is a good example of when the words come to you all at once.

INSPIRATION: Blues harmonica

NEXT STEPS: Nail down a key for a standard blues progression

Love on the shore babe
Sure was good to me
Love on the shore babe
Sure was good to me
Till I built a castle in the sand
and it crumbled to the sea

(but just maybe a wave will
bring my baby back to me)

I couldn't get up this morning
Sunshine on my face
Still I couldn't get up this morn
Sunshine on my face
Despite that sunlight
There is no summer in this place

You can't help but fish babe
Fish in that sea
You can't help but fish babe
Fish in that great big sea
Turns her back to no ocean
But she turned her back on me

On the shores of Maine
Love as rocky as can be
The cliffs of Maine babe
You threw my love into the sea
Don't you point,
Point that sharp tongue at me

I can't help but reminisce
Yeah that kiss, ohh that kiss
Once your rock, now...
Downhearted on the boardwalk
(keep walking, keep walking)

My ray of sunshine left me cold, left me blind...just left me