Ideas & Inspiration

The truth is inspiration is all around.  Ideas don't always reveal themselves through the lens of a song, poem, story, etc. at first.  The key is to capture these thoughts in the moment and put them somewhere for future reference.  It doesn't have to look like a song.  It can be a list of words, disjointed thoughts or feelings towards a situation or a recent experience.

A friend of mine is an author and she recently told me that she keeps a journal for her dreams and uses that to help her when she sits down to write her books.  I loved that idea.  I don't write down my dreams but I think I will.  I am notorious for fumbling for a pen at midnight as some of my ideas come when I'm beginning to drift off to sleep.

My rule of thumb is to write down or type out my thoughts, even if I don't think it will ever turn into a song.  I have another blog where I write about anything that snags my attention in a creative way.

I scan this sometimes when I need inspiration.  It makes it easy to find a topic, take the essence of the entry and translate it into a song.

I collect my ideas through...
Blogger app on Smartphone and save as a draft
Voice recorder on phone
Send myself an email
Paper by the bed

The key is to retain the idea and put your ideas in one place, eventually.  Then you can reference it another day and polish things up.

Start digging your well and dip into it when you need it most.  Sometimes you'll need it to spark a concept, sometimes to finish a song that is almost done and everything in between.