New Song "Open"

A great beat was the inspiration for this song though tragic circumstances lead to this collaboration. Taylor Mackinnon and I connected on FB after we met at a funeral. Taylor Mackinnon is the artist who created this beat and is, for all intents and purposes, a cousin. Before today we have more in common with the title of stranger. After she posted the beat, I shared my lyrics with her and through that connection we actually got to know each other a bit better.

She posted beats today on Facebook which caught my attention. I was impressed with what I heard and there was one in particular that played like a loop in my head which is when the lyrics started flowing.

I listened to the beat (see link below) and the lyric and general melody were written within 30 minutes. Serendipitous would be a good way to describe the writing process. The title for now is "Open" because we were both open to our own creativity and to the collaboration.

Next steps are to import her beat into my recording software, layer vocals over it then add some instrumentation. Stay tuned and please revisit this post for real-time updates.

Thanks to Taylor Mackinnon for the inspiration.


I got bass thumping in my minds eye
Riffin on rays of the sunshine
Synthesize in my eyes when I'm vexed
Cope, I tightrope, criminal or innocent

Human or insect antennae goin'
Intuition like an amp, turn it up till the circuits blown
Arrow pointing like a door to a knock
Word after word till the message is unlocked

Comfort in the random
Random in the comfort
Variation of a pattern
Turning nothing into something

We're all connected
There is no first, there is no second
Correct to respect
What is seen as an imperfection

Words of hate
Misdirected, self reflective
Find the love under the stuff
Then you will find perspective

Oceans deep open wide
Lines blur from the trace of our outline