About Emmy Cerra


One of the most versatile performers in Boston, Emmy Cerra is a singer/songwriter who can rock a stage. Emmy's songwriting is her trademark.  If you want lyrical music that rocks, you found it.

Emmy set out on her own at the age of fourteen and spent her teenage years going to school, working, and playing music. Her independent spirit is evident in her newest release "Tinderbox".

Emmy attributes much of her success today to music and technology which helped her overcome the struggles that arose early in life.  Experience has taught her that there is no limit to what you can do or who you are, no matter where you came from.

Emmy's is also a photographer, surfer, blogger, IT Professional and volunteers in her community. Currently Emmy volunteers for hospice and is also getting out in the community to talk to young adults stigmatized as "problem children" specifically about using their individuality to overcome perceived obstacles.

Other volunteer efforts include; Bands for Brad, US Army Family Readiness Group, Rock and Roll Camp for Girls and The September Foundation.


Vocals, Guitar / Emmy Cerra
Bass, Violin / Melika Fitzhugh
Drums / Dave Lowe
Harmonica / Jack Kelly


Emmy-Tinderbox (1B.jpg


by Emmy Cerra / Tapcut Records / BMI